Refusal Letters


Engage our services & we will send your annuity for review immediately.



Within 1-2 business days you will have the required refusal letter, or information to restructure your annuity.



Get your letters and begin the process to get your applications processed through your state.


Refusal Letters Services

We provide Medicaid qualified refusal letters required for many states to process benefit applications. Our staff is knowlegdable in the Medicaid qualified annuity market, and is willing to help elder law attorneys, financial planners, & families who are planning for their long term care. Our staff works with Krause Financial Services, who are well known as pioneers in the Medicaid compliant annuity market. Combining our experience allows us to better assist clients & agents.



"If you are applying for Medicaid you can't afford to wait. We understand that fixed income clients cannot afford to spend days, weeks, or sometimes even months to receive their refusal letters."




We offer refusal letters for professionals, individuals, & other businesses in the annuity industry. Why take chances with your clients resources, when you can be certain its done right the first time. If your annuity does not meet requirements to be considered income, we can help!